Welcome to MyQCMallards.net, a small-yet-growing magazine focused on hockey and fitness preparation for athletes. This project started back in 2012 while I, Abigail Daniels was working as an assistant journalist for a small sports-based newspaper in Connecticut as part of my college internship.

My specialty was to cover and report hockey league matches and after 5 years of doing it, I clearly developed a deep love for the sport, the athletes, everything related to sports training, and specially the QC Mallards. The main reason for athletes to train is to improve their performance in a small timeframe to then probably upgrade to a higher-level hockey division.

In this magazine, people will find helpful fitness training-related pieces of content specifically catered towards hockey players.

How athletes stay in shape while off-season, the reasons behind trying bulking techniques, or who the fittest NHL players are right now, are some of the topics that readers will be able to find on the site.

My QC Mallards wants to become a trustworthy and reliable magazine able to help hockey lovers, potential players, and professional athletes learning the basic concepts related to fitness and conditioning.

Our goal with this is to help athletes train to be bigger, better, faster, and stronger on the hockey pitch, thus offering fans a better performance.

While offering complete access to all the content My QC Mallards has to share, the magazine invites readers to join the community and help the site grow its exposure, thus reaching more audiences.

By doing this, users make sure they will get notifications letting them know when new content is posted.

With the help of our audience, the magazine will only evolve to become better over time, as your support will be used as encouragement to write more content.

Filled with deeper analysis and fresh points of view on the matter, our fitness experts will offer only the best tips they can share in order to aid readers in their hockey career.

For everyone obsessed about hockey, fitness training, and sports in general, My QC Mallards is a great place for them to get access to a whole new batch of content in which fitness tips for hockey players are the main topic.

Start training and follow the tips we share. Don’t forget to let us know about your fitness journey.